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You episode 10

By | 11.10.2020

Ben Travers. Sorry Karl, sorry Laird. But where the finale thrived was in the same arena the season consistently dominated: Even when the expected happened — Shiv Sarah Snook was denied the throne, Rhea Holly Hunter swooped in for crown, and, ultimately, Kendall stood up to his father — the impact was tremendous.

you episode 10

Popular on IndieWire. Armstrong then starts dropping more obvious indicators toward the inevitable. Moreover, looking back, it was obvious he was always going to choose Kendall, even before the many seaward discussions.

Not only did he and Shiv come to that choice themselves, but Logan knew his efforts to avoid it were futile. Except… for this. But was it a mistake for Armstrong to telegraph what could be considered a twist ending? Of course not. Even that shot of Kendall walking away from the press conference carried a reminder of who the real victims were, as reporters shouted for an apology from the son who only cares about fucking over his dad.

Or… was he proving himself? Armstrong knew as much all along. Maybe you did, too. Season 3 has already been ordered. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Back to IndieWire.Frank's exploits lead him to an old friend, Debbie rules over the Gallagher household with an iron fist, Lip navigates his relationship with Tami, Carl faces life after military school, Liam is tutored by V about black history and culture, and Kev has an identity crisis.

Plus, Gallavich returns as Ian and Mickey rekindle their relationship in prison as both cellmates and lovers. Frank milks his injury for all its worth as Debbie, now the self-elected leader of the Gallagher family, cooks up a scam of her own. Lip and Tami get a surprise.

Carl returns home from military school and Liam faces an identity crisis. Season premiere. Feeling the pressure from Debbie, Frank sets out to make money to keep his place in the house, but Mikey has bigger plans for him. Ian and Mickey struggle to keep the romance alive in prison.

Liam gets to know his newfound family members as Frank revels in his new position in the Gallagher house. Lip looks for support as the pressures of fatherhood take their toll. Debbie discovers a new way to make money in the midst of a strike as Lip leans on his new friend for parenting advice.

Carl gets more than he bargained for when he offers to help Anne. Liam grows suspicious of his seemingly perfect mentor. Frank hatches the idea for a new scheme when an unexpected visitor shows up at the Gallagher house. With Tami back in the house, Lip struggles to give up control of Fred. Ian returns home and is immediately thrown in with a corrupt parole officer.

Frank and Liam get wined and dined by potential baby buyers. Backed into a corner, Debbie fights to protect Franny from Pepa. Carl embraces his civic duty while Debbie searches for her next payday.

Frank meets the woman of his dreams, and Ian and Mickey get roped into a dangerous scam for Paula. When tragedy strikes at the Alibi, Kev and V go undercover to find new customers. Debbie weighs the pros and cons of a new career path.

you episode 10

A miscommunication between Ian and Mickey has disastrous consequences and Lip and Tami disagree over who should be taking care of Fred. Carl takes extreme measures to toughen up his new group of cadets. Ian struggles to connect with Mickey after their blowup.

An incident in the Tamietti family presents Lip and Tami with a new opportunity. Carl makes an unexpected discovery at his new job. Frank finds a cushy place to make his new home.

Lip gets cold feet when Tami moves forward with a plan for their future. Season finale. Frank's exploits lead him to an old friend, Debbie rules over the Gallagher household with an iron fist, Lip navigates his relationship with Tami, and Gallavich returns as Ian and Mickey rekindle their relationship in prison as both cellmates and lovers.Skip navigation!

Story from TV Shows. Nicky John Stamos. The entitlement of a white man has rarely felt more real on television. As Beck cries, screams, and curses at Joe from behind glass, Joe reveals his dirtiest deeds — and he has a semi-logical explanation for each one. Both are mementos! He also uses this logic to wave away the more terrible accusations against him. Peach Shay Mitchell technically tried to kill him first, and anyway, she was stalking Beck!

He was just trying to protect his gal. He leaves her in the book cage with a typewriter and instructs her to write As Joe leaves Beck alone with her thoughts probably about how she really does have the worst taste in men everJoe goes home to solve a different problem. Paco, meanwhile, has had enough of Ron hurting his mother and, armed with a baseball bat, goes to hunt Ron down.

Big mistake. When the baseball bat fails to knock Ron out, Ron pursues Paco outside, threatening to kill him — until Joe comes in. With one swift motion, Joe stabs Rob right in the throat as Paco, who is traumatized for life now, watches. Joe convinces Paco not to say anything. The Salingers are convinced that Peach would never kill herself despite her multiple overdoses and hospital stays and, for some reason, the P.

They did find that jar of pee Joe was so paranoid about leaving behind… which must have been real weird for the cops on the scene. Beck tries and fails to escape the cage, begging to use the bathroom only to have her eyes give away her plan to make a run for the stairs. Joe is flabbergasted — did Beck seriously just throw Dr. Nicky in his face?

But no: Beck has an actual plan here. The relationship she depicts is a fictionalized version of the real thing, that paints Dr. Nicky out to be the villain in her story.

Are You The One?

Beck suggests Dr. She basically sums up the thesis of You when she talks about how she often wished for Prince Charming to save her from all the awful men in her life, like her absentee father, sad excuses for boyfriends, and shitty one-night-stands. The answer is no, though Beck does an excellent job convincing Joe that she still does love him and understands exactly why he did what he did.

They share a moment together in loving embrace… until Beck uses it as an opportunity to turn the tables on Joe and lock him in the cage. Joe has experience in this cage. Mooney Mark Blum used it to teach Joe a lesson time and time again. Joe, a man abandoned by his abusive and neglectful parents and who has never known true love in his life, saw Mr. When Beck locks Joe in the prison of Mr. And we all can infer what happened to her. But, Beck gloats far too prematurely.

And though Joe understands the significance of getting cage time, he is not crazy about accidentally locking himself in this prison.A quick recap: In what I initially believed to be the darkest display of Stockholm Syndrome since Beauty and the Beastan imprisoned Beck re-wrote her story to paint Dr.

Nicky as the jealous lover who murdered her friends to get closer to her. The end. In a nod to the pilot, he examined her every move, implying to the audience that he had found his new Beck. It was… Candace! I always think of both. Little treats along the way. When you write characters, you tend to fall in love with them, so you want them to stick around.

Part of the job of telling this type of story is hardening your heart against any type of sentimental impulse. The point of doing a show like this is telling that brutal story, and the brutal story is the one where he actually kills her.

What went into that decision? We always knew that Candace would factor heavily into Season 1 through flashbacks, constantly pushing the idea that Joe had been with someone before Beck and done the same things to her. He talks about how she broke his heart in the first episode, and as you get to know Joe, you think you know what that means. So we wanted to do something surprising.

The idea came up early in the process that we would reveal Joe had the wrong idea about what happened to her. It was an irresistibly shocking last moment for the first season. And we do like a cliffhanger. Los Angeles is a completely different vibe. Even though some of the changes we made in Season 1 seemed small at the time, they were fundamental. Every little change we make to a character is a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane in Season 2.

But Caroline has laid this amazing groundwork, so the philosophy has always been to remix as needed in order to retain the spirit of the original story. Hopes for Season 2? Leave your grades in our polls below, then drop a comment with your full review. Take Our Poll —.

YOU Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Bluebeard's Castle

Click here to subscribe.In the end, he killed her. Remember, we are watching Lifetime. And on our way to what felt like an inevitable conclusion, we got what turned out to be a totally muddled and sloppy treatise on violent men, the ways social media renders us basically helpless against those who would use it to do us harm, and how everything you think is romantic is actually creepy as hell.

At its core, it is as toxic as the masculinity it purports to be taking down. I am surprised at how angry I got watching this last hour of the season, having viewed the previous nine episodes with the kind of lol, okay remove a series this crazy and ridiculous seemed to call for. But knowing now what it all builds up to — what it does and what it fails to do — I am reevaluating. I am almost out of stairwell urchin jokes! For this and for so many of my ills, I blame society.

It feels like You wants to be edgy and subversive.

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Look, my threshold for torture on television is pretty high. I studied and ranked all the most horrifying moments on the most gruesome season of The Americansand they were graphic. You should! What if we took a year off from violence against women?

you episode 10

In the projects you write, produce, direct, act, package, market, do not harm women this year. You wants to be a deconstruction of pop-culture romance tropes. But something like 90 percent of the episode shows Beck sobbing and screaming for a rescue that not one but two male characters deny her thanks for nothing, stairwell urchin.

The finale sees Claudia getting loaded onto a stretcher in the back of an ambulance with Ron at her side. So is You trying to say that women do, in fact, need men to save them? Joe is our classic unreliable narrator. His comeuppance — the no-duh return of the not-dead Candace — hardly undoes that damage. Mooney, take up a considerable amount of screen-time.It would appear the You writers were just storing up their crazy for when their fair series ditched Lifetime and moved to its new streaming home.

Because Love is no Beck. Just like they both always dreamed! It was LOVE. Until: Joe. I am feeling so gratified by this turn of events. She DID have her P. Or you could do what Love did.

During the lost night of the acid trip, Love tailed Joe to the storage unit and, instead of freeing Delilah, burst into the cage and slit her throat. Love knows she and Joe are soul mates. Joe, upon seeing his worst and truest self reflected in another, thinks: What the actual fuuuuuuuck.

Love imagines Ellie will get lawyered up, Quinn-style, and emerge from that battle unscathed. Sidebar: Who would commit suicide by slashing their own throat? Never mind that her reporting is already out there, and plenty of people still believe Henderson and probably always will. He also decides to follow Ellie around and see where she leads him.

Nicky in prison. Hello, John Stamos! How surreal to see Uncle Jesse in jail and think that soon, it could very well be Aunt Becky behind bars for her, ah, aggressive parenting style amid the college-admissions bribery scandal. It pains me to say this, but, John Stamos is useless here. Meanwhile, Love has Candace in her trunk. Not even hidden well. She goes back to the storage unit with muffins for her prisoner.

Joe could kill her with his bare hands, like he did with Beck, but he opts not to do that. Gabe is in an absolutely perfect suit. While Love goes in to see her brother, Will spots Ellie outside. The jig is up. Ellie is losing it, a completely appropriate reaction here.

She hates Joe. As she should! What I am is all that stands between you and people who are worse. Bye, forever, balcony sprite! At least you made it out alive! Inside Anavrin, Forty is trying to reason with Love. I have to save you from a literal fucking serial killer first.

you episode 10

Love is gaslighting him, and I do not think he is going to make it out of this room alive. It shows you what this series has done to my fragile brain that when Joe shows up and Forty pulls out a gun, the first thing I wrote was, FINALLY someone on this show brings a gun to a confrontation with a known killer.Episodes 13 Season 2 Season 2 Season 1. Michaela and Ben put everything on the line to attempt a daring rescue.

As the final hours of Zeke's life approach, Saanvi and Vance make a last-ditch effort to appeal to the Major, who may be the only person who can save him from his Death Date. Ben is drawn to help absolve a passenger of his guilt while Saanvi enlists help in protecting herself from the Major.

Jared and Drea attempt to extract a confession from a trio of ruthless meth dealers who would do anything to exact revenge on Michaela. As Zeke's condition worsens and the clock ticks towards his Death Date, he must confront his past while Saanvi tries to secure him a future.

Michaela faces a moral dilemma. When Grace's pregnancy complicates the pursuit of a calling, Ben finds himself working alongside an uneasy new ally. As a storm rages outside the Stone home, Olive frantically searches for meaning in a centuries-old text.

Meanwhile, Michaela faces unexpected scrutiny at work, and Zeke comes to Saanvi's aid when her lab research takes a dangerous turn. In the wake of a devastating tragedy, Ben tries to connect with a despondent Olive. Michaela questions Jared's loyalties, and Saanvi shares a medical breakthrough that could change the course of all their lives.

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